Saturday, 8 December 2012

Kaju/Cashew peda

Kaju /Cashew Peda


Cashew nuts - 1 cup
Milk powder - 1 cup
Icing sugar - 2 cups
Milk - little
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Saffron - a pinch


1.Soak saffron in 1 tsp of hot milk and set aside

2.Grind  the cashew nuts  to a fine powder and mix with milk powder, icing sugar and cardamom powder.

3.Add the soaked saffron to the above mixture.

4.Make a  firm paste adding milk little by little to the consistency of poori dough.

5.If at all the mistake happens, add some milk powder and icing sugar to rectify

6.Take small lumps of the paste and shape into pedas.

7.Garnish with thinly sliced pistachio.

One more method by using Milk

Instead of using Milk powder you may can use milk and boil till it becomes thick keep stirring then add cashew powder,icing sugar and saffron keep aside when it turns thick cool it down .

Now take small amount of the paste and shape as you want :) 

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