Friday, 8 February 2013

Milk Halwa

Milk halwa is a simple and very delicious sweet and can be prepared at home in a very less time this sweet can be found in most of the Indian sweet shops.I tried this here in Bangalore 1st time similar to milk cake we usually got in north.

Milk - 1Ltr
Sugar - 150 gms
Lemon - 1
Ghee - 150 ml

Boil half liter of milk squeeze lemon juice wait till it separates now filter and hang it in a thin cloth to remove excess liquid.
Heat remaining milk and break paneer into milk and cook till the milk absorbed now add sugar and ghee keep stirring continuously to avoid halwa sticking to the pan. Once the added ghee comes out remove halwa from heat and transfer into greased plate and allow it to cool.

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