Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Paneer @ home

How to make paneer/cottage cheese @ home

I always use homemade paneer as its fresh soft and healthy So thought to share this with you all hope you will like this.


Milk-1 ltr ( preferably full cream)
Lemon-1 (you can also use vinegar)


1.Boil milk for 5mins.when it starts curdling add lemon, add it 1 tbsp by 1 tbsp keep adding lemon juice till it separates now boil this for 5 minutes turn off the gas.

2.Place a cheesecloth(make sure it is long enough to get tied up) over a container and strain the paneer. If you use lemon juice to curdle just wash it twice atleast,  in cold water to get rid of the lemon flavour.Bring the edges of the cloth to the center, tie and hang it to a handle or sink tap(I used sink tap). Allow the water to drip by itself, do not disturb the setup for an hour till all the whey completely drips.

3.Flatten it and place it on a any high thing like tawa etc. Then keep any other heavy weight over the paneer (I kept my Water dispenser full of water J ). Allow it to get set for atleast 1-2 hours. It will look crumbled at this stage but dont worry it will get set well. Then carefully remove the cloth from the paneer and place it in the fridge for 1 hour atleast(this step is optional but helps in getting clean neat pieces while cutting).Then, remove it from the fridge , and cut into desired cubes.


Refrigeration is enough don't keep it in freezer.

Curd can also be used for separation of milk.

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